Monday, May 05, 2008


Kingdom of Redonda

One of the most unusual guests for my radio show, Business in Motion , was the King of Redonda.

The bearer of the Crown of Redonda was Canadian born and raised, Bob Williams - aka "Robert the Bald."

I interviewed the king of Redonda in the Admiral's Inn in English Harbour on the south west coast of the island of Antigua. Song birds fluttered about us during the interview. It was the strangest interview setting yet. King Bob told us about his youth in Canada, internship in Cuba, painting with Picasso, sailing from Russia and rise to kingship on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

King Bob of Redonda was a fascinating mix of artist, writer, explorer, sailor and protagonist. He was personable, insightful and tongue in cheek.

The story about the creation of the kingdom of Redonda is about a rich father spoiling his first born son. The succession of the crown is a curious story of right time and right place. Of course like any island paradise - there are pretenders to the crown. The island of Redonda is an uninhabited rock yet a place for fantasy.

George Torok
Business in Motion radio show
Business Speaker
Canadian Motivational Speaker

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