Tuesday, June 03, 2008

CEO Blogger Jim Estill

CEO Blogger: Jim Estill

I met Jim Estill, CEO of Synnex, at a conference in Niagara Falls last week. We chated over dinner and a few times throughout the conference.

As the MC I introduced him for his speech on the Eight Secrets of Business Success. His speech was well delivered and well received.

As the creator and head of a $2 billion business his words carried alot of weight.

I found a few things of particular interest:

He stated that successful people are not balanced - a conclusion that I have learned from my research.

He emphasied that the little things were important - another observation of mine from studying successful people.

Even though he is the CEO of a $2 billion business he finds the time to write a regular blog.

One lesson is that busy people can write a blog if they want.

Jim Estill will be my guest on my radio show, Business in Motion on Friday, June 20, 2008. Listen in to Business in Motion on 93.3 cfmu.

George Torok
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