Sunday, September 07, 2008

Success Secret: Scare Yourself

Success Secret: Scare Yourself

Scare yourself at least once a year. Success comes from doing something different or differently. Often that thing is scary. It doesn't need to be life threatening - just scary.

For example, I am afraid of heights and flying. You might find that funny because I do fly quite a bit. It is always an uncomfortable experience for me. Lots of self talk and misdirection.

So you might imagine my reaction when I had the opportunity to take a helicopter flight from Vancouver to Victoria. I was petrified. The travel agent suggested that it might be fun. It was the most convenient arrangment.

I waited two days before I called the travel agent back. I decided to scare myself. I took the helicoper flight and it was okay. Not great - just okay.

What have you done recently to scare yourself?

George Torok
Canadian Motivational Speaker
Business in Motion - radio show

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