Thursday, September 18, 2008

Handwriting Analysis Expert

Handwriting Analysis Expert

Elaine Charal is a past guest of my radio show, Business in Motion.

Elaine Charal is a handwriting analyst - or the official term - graphologist. It's a curious buisness. You might wonder what a handwriting analyst does or more importantly "How can a handwriting analyst make a living as a business?"

Handwriting analysis is a hiring criteria used by many companies - especially in Europe. Handwriting analysis can be a helpful indicator of your changing moods. Handwriting analysis can be a helpful tool to help teams work together. Handwriting analysis can be an intriguing mirror for self examination and a powerful confidence builder.

Elaine Charal has taken the business of hand writing analysis to a new level. She offers entertaining hand writing analysis sessions for trade shows, conferences and seasonal parties.

Learn more about handwriting expert and analyst - graphologist- Elaine Charal.

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