Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Fire alarm rings during your presentation

What do you do when the fire alarm rings during your presentation? I've witnessed this disaster happen to two other speakers and this week it was my turn. It's a lot easier to think logically about it after it is over. It might never happen to you - but perhaps you should be prepared for the fire alarm to ring during your presentation. About eight minutes into my breakfast presentation to the local chamber of commerce at a fancy restaurant the fire alarm rang. The alarm was annoyingly loud so naturally I stopped speaking and... read the rest...

Mastermind Group Mistakes

I was recently invited to become part of a mastermind group. It's not the first time but this one was the quickest disaster. One meeting and it burst into pieces. There are several lessons in that disaster from which you can learn when forming your own mastermind group. We should learn from our own pain and especially from the pain of others. I believe that a mastermind group can be very productive. I know that from others who have been members of long time productive mastermind groups. And I have taken part in groups that are variations of mastermind groups and I was surprised at what happend this time ... read the rest

Business Lessons from Las Vegas

If you haven't been to Las Vegas recently - you should visit soon. When you visit take good notes. Don't judge - pay attention. Las Vegas offers a powerful business model. Las Vegas is a place to learn how to run your business. It has been called the sin city. But the real lessons of Vegas are not about sin or gambling. It's about how to run a successful business. Consider these important business lessons that ... read the rest ...

Why Did This Motor Cycle Dealer go Bankrupt?

My motorcycle dealer is bankrupt. The notice in the paper screamed that message and announced the two-day bankruptcy sale. By "my" dealer I mean the one where I bought my motorcycle. Naturally I was unhappy to read that news because now I would have to look elsewhere for motorcycle service. My bike is a Suzuki and Cycle City was the only Suzuki dealer in Burlington ... read the rest ...

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