Saturday, January 10, 2009

Serve the Whales

Serve the Whales

by Jeff Mowatt

You already know that in an uncertain economy, your sales and service efforts should become the top priority. When planning for 2009 ask yourself if you're focusing enough on your whales.

Casinos categorize customers as tourists, high-rollers, or whales. Whales are ultra-wealthy people who love to gamble and don't fret about big losses. Since they are casinos' most profitable customers, whales receive the best service and exclusive extras.

The lesson is at least once a year, rank your customers from biggest spenders to lowest. Decide how much time and attention you've been spending on low payoff customers, versus your whales. Keep in mind that whales know and talk with - other whales.

Focus on satisfying your whales, and you'll attract more of the same.

About award-winning speaker, Jeff Mowatt, BComm., CSP
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