Monday, February 02, 2009

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BEST PRACTICES: Magic Man-ager: Consultant George Torok helped David Copperfield pull off an illusion on a Las Vegas stage - and took away some lessons for business.

February 2, 2009

George Torok had a chance not only to watch the illusionist David Copperfield live in Las Vegas, but go on stage and assist him with a segment of his performance. The business consultant from Burlington, Ont., was randomly chosen as a volunteer, and held an empty wooden bucket from which the entertainer drew a live duck. He has no idea how that feat was accomplished, but brought back some business lessons that he shares in The Secrets of David Copperfield on

There is no magic
You will not reach success in any field because of magic. Even Mr. Copperfield does not claim magical powers. He points out his secret is illusion.

The power of Illusion...
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George Torok

Canadian Business Speaker

Host of radio show Business in Motion


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