Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stimulate Your Business

Stimulate Your Business
and Prosper in a Brutal Market

Are you a business owner losing sleep over these turbulent times?

Are you a sales professional tearing your hair over vanishing sales?

Are you a team manager frustrated at the growing losing streak?

Have you noticed that tough times bring the worst out in some people and best out in others? Recessions do the same thing to business. What determines the difference? It seems to be a combination of character, decision making and constantly investing in yourself and your business.

Are some of these things happening in your business?

Running your business is more difficult
You are giving away too much money just to close deals
You find it more difficult to get your act into gear
You are fed up with hearing tales of gloom and doom
It feels like you are losing control
It is more difficult to make informed business decisions
The recession is clouding too many of your thoughts

Stop suffering and start celebrating.
Yes, celebrate because winners always celebrate. You can win in this recession.

It's Not your fault

The recession is not your fault. You can’t be expected to see what will happen tomorrow. It’s normal to feel anxious about the uncertainty. You can be forgiven if you don’t have all the answers.

But, you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t do something about it soon.

There will be winners and losers

You’ve heard about the massive job cuts at the big corporations. Smaller businesses like yours don’t make the news when they close. They just disappear.


Two types of business will prosper in the months ahead. The first are those recession vultures that feed on the mistakes, troubles and fears of the majority. That includes the repo man, collection agencies and bankruptcy firms.

The other winners in this recession are those visionary leaders, who recognize the opportunities, adapt for the changing currents and invest in the tools to weather and triumph in the storm.

You can take control by acquiring and using the right recession busting tools. When you do you will win more and find yourself celebrating.

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