Monday, June 29, 2009

Authors Unscripted Radio interview

George Torok was the guest expert of Stephen Bell, host of Authors Unscripted Radio, the internet radio arm of the International Non Fiction Writers Association.

The topic was the bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing and how entrepreneurs can market themselves more effectively in these challenging times.

Enjoy this 60 minute interview in which George Torok discussed:

  • How he was influenced by his mentor and co-author Peter Urs Bender
  • Why more business owners need to realign their marketing strategy to sell to the greedy not the needy.
  • The best form of marketing and how to get more from it
  • The most common and costly mistake in advertising
  • The three criteria by which to measure all your marketing
  • The cost – value conflict and why entrepreneurs get fooled by it
  • Marketing in the recession – mistakes and tips
  • What small business can do instead of branding and why
  • And more

Here is another unusual perspective that George Torok offered in this interview.

Why do we think that we only need to provide a better mouse trap? What did the Second World War do to taint the self marketing beliefs of baby boomers? What parenting mistakes they made in teaching their offspring about self marketing? Once you understand the reason for the mistakes you can break the curse.

Click below to listen to this engaging and insightful interview with George Torok on Authors Unscripted Radio. (The sound quality is not so good but the interview is fabulous.)

Or follow this link.

“George Torok is a man as passionate about running a marathon as helping your run your business and life well.

I had the pleasure of interviewing George during authors unscripted at and I was impressed with his knowledge and how great of a speaker he is. If you want to take affirmations and the power you possess in your business to the next level George Torok is the man you need to listen to.”

Stephen Bell
Host of Authors Unscripted Radio
The Networking


George Torok
Business Speaker


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