Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day Tribute

Happy Canada Day!

On July 1, Canada celebrates 142 years as a nation.

Enjoy this collection of articles about Canada and Canadians.

Proud Canadians
I travelled the world to meet other Canadians.

10 Canadian Whines
Yes, we can laugh at ourselves.

In Canada We Have Freedom
How a visit behind the Iron Curtain made me understand and appreciate freedom.

The Yukon Spirit: Perfect for Entrepreneurs
Why the Yukon is the perfect environment for nuturing entreprenuers.

My 10 Favourite Places in Canada
You might agree or disagree with my picks.

Canadian Quotations
John Robert Colombo included some of my words in "The Penguin Dictionary of Popular Canadian Quotations".

Famous Lasting Words, Great Canadian Quotations
Another collection of Canadian Quotations from The Great Gatherer, John Robert Colombo.

Happy Canada Day!

George Torok
Canadian Motivational Speaker
Canadian Business Speaker


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