Friday, October 09, 2009

Interviews with George Torok

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George Torok makes an engaging and provocative interview guest for your TV show, radio program or print article. He had appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows and has been quoted in hundreds of print articles. George Torok knows how to deliver a memorable interview because he is a communication specialist, radio show host and independent journalist. What's his style? What's his opinion?

What does he look and sound like? Check out the following video, audio and print interviews. To arrange an interview with George Torok call 905-335-1997

Video and print interview
Motivational Speakers
George Torok was featured in the Hamilton Spectator as one of four local motivational speakers. Read the article and enjoy the video. He is the fourth speaker on this video. He is worth waiting for - or you can fast forward the video.
Read the article and watch the video

Video interview
Enjoy this 7-minute video interview with George Torok about the lessons he has learned from interviewing over 400 entrepreneurs on his weekly radio show, Business In Motion. The off-camera interviewer is John Robert Colombo - the Canadian prolific author and holder of the Order of Canada.
Watch this video interview.

Audio interview
Achieve an Unfair Marketing Advantage
"Do you want an unfair advantage over your competitors? You steely eyed entrepreneur, you. In the current SmallBizPod, the small business podcast no less, there's a ball-busting interview with the Canadian writer and marketing expert George Torok. George is one of those rich successful guys who chooses to share his success rather than rub it in your face. He gives away trade secrets and tells you how to make yourself into a brand you can sell. This podcast may sound boring, but the info is pure marketing gold dust. It will make you want to run out immediately and close a deal." (The Brits do have a way with words.) Listen to this audio interview

Print Interview
Secrets of Power Marketing
Interview with George Torok regarding the bestselling book, "Secrets of Power Marketing: Promote Brand You".
In this interview, co-author, George Torok discusses how individuals can harness the power of personal marketing and what big business can adapt for their success. This interview was prepared for your convenience. You may quote from this interview in part or whole.
Read this interview

An interview with George Torok George Torok is entertaining. He is an provocative, insightful and engaging interview guest. He can be topical, funny and pithy. As an experienced interviewer he is willing, able and eager to help you with your interview.

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George Torok

Canadian Business Speaker



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