Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oliberte - founder is guest of Business in Motion

Tal Dehtiar is a man who makes a difference. Some people want to - Tal does.

He is my guest on the Business in Motion radio show this week. His latest project is Oliberte. Read more below.

Oliberté is the first to market premium urban-casual footwear made in Africa.
Our logo represents a new voice in footwear and for Africa. During a revolt, when rebels finally gain their freedom, they take the country's most important symbol, the flag, and rip out the middle stating that a new beginning is here.
Africa is more than just poverty and Oliberté is the start of a revolution that shows, through urban footwear, this is the real Africa!

With every pair of Oliberté you buy, you are making a powerful statement that Africa is proud, free and full of potential. You do this all while being a hero, because you are the reason men and women from Liberia to Swaziland to Ethiopia have a job, have food on the table and can send their children to school.

Oliberté is not a charity – it is a company that believes you can change how the world views Africa and help build lives every time when you buy a pair of Oliberté shoes that are made in Africa.


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