Friday, February 04, 2011

APICS Ontario Grand Valley Innovation Showcase

Innovate: Five Steps to Get Better Results with Reduced Resources
In this entertaining and practical program you will discover:
  • The 5 key principles on which to base your Innovation process
  • A 7-piece tool kit to generate dozens of new ideas in minutes
  • How to recognize the two types of problems and handle them appropriately
  • How to know which question to ask and when (yes there are dumb questions)
Presented by George Torok, Creativity Catalyst

Attend this practical workshop at the APICS Grand Valley Innovation Showcase on Saturday Feb 19, 2011 in Cambridge, Ontario.

If you are a member of APICS or work in operations management then this Innovation Showcase is an easy opportunity to boost your business smarts and career success.

"Innovate: How to Get Better Results with Reduced Resources" is a practical and systematic approach to getting things done, overcoming business challenges and reducing the stress in your life.

This is the first time that this game-changing program will be open to the public. George Torok normally delivers this program exclusively to private clients who want to transform the culture and operations of their organization.

In a rare opportunity for you, George Torok has agreed to work with Cambridge Solutions to offer this program to the members and guests of APICS Ontario Grand Valley.

Don't miss out.

Register here for Innovation Showcase

Learn more about Creativity Catalyst, George Torok.

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