Monday, February 07, 2011

Tom Beakbane interviewed on Business in Motion

Interview with Tom Beakbane, President and founder of Beakbane Retail Connections.

Beakbane Retail Connections is a marketing firm that helps business develop their brands and bring their products to the market.

Tom Beakbane started his company 23 years ago and employs 11 people. He was born in the UK and raised in Worchester – the same as the famous sauce.

Tom is a renaissance man. He lived in Kenya and France. He studied Neurophysiology and Bio-Chemistry and would sneak into art classes. He worked as a Sous Chef in southern France. Now his job in the kitchen is to wash up.
Insights from this interview with Tom Beakbane

“What I love the most is when someone comes in with a raw idea.”
“Distilling complexity into a single message.”
“We like coming up with a good name.”
“The fewer things that you ask people to remember, the more likely they will remember it.”
“Our best client is passionate and open minded with a challenge.”
“Education is a foundation – not training for a job.”
“Words are merely buckets for creativity.”
“I hate cold calling but…”
“When we do a good job for clients they don’t need us anymore.”

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