Monday, February 14, 2011

The truth about the APICS Innovation Showcase

Before you decide about registering for the APICS Innovation Showcase read these probing questions and revealing answers.

Why is APICS Ontario Grand Valley offering this new program of ½ day workshops?

These workshops offer you an effective way of developing critical success skills. These are the transferable skills that might never show up on a resume or in a job ad. But success is never based on your resume or job description. Success is based on how you do things

These workshops will help you improve “how” you do things. APICS wants you to be more successful.

What skill building programs are offered?

These programs are focused on you. You have a choice of six workshops. You may attend up to two. You can discover better ways to manage your thinking, your time and your communication skills. Imagine how you will feel when you can make smarter decisions, get more done and convey your message with better results.

If you planned to improve your personal skills this year this is opportunity knocking on your door.

If I’m attending the APICS conference why should I also attend the Innovation Showcase on Saturday?

You will receive tremendous value from the conference. You will make old and new connections with colleagues and industry leaders. You will learn about trends, ideas and opportunities. You will recharge and find renewed energy.

Is that enough? Maybe. But all around you people and companies are expecting more from you. Ideas and knowledge are not enough. Success comes from doing things well and that requires effective skills.

These ½ day workshops are much more than theory and ideas. They will help you develop the skills you need to be more successful.

If you are unable to attend the conference, can you still attend the Saturday Innovation Showcase?

Yes. Be sure to register early to save your spot because these workshops are limited to small groups for effective learning.

Reserve your place. Click here now.

Can non-members attend the Innovation Showcase?

Yes – and they can register at the member rate. This is your opportunity to develop your net worth with your network by sharing this timely information with them. How many people do you know that might want to improve their success skills?

These are transferable success skills that your contacts in other fields can benefit from. Perhaps your spouse wants to attend or has colleagues who are desperate to improve their effectiveness.

Can you attend only one workshop?

Yes. Select the skill set that you most want to develop now. You can register for one or two workshops. It’s your choice.

What programs are available?

  • Here are the workshop titles. Which ones can help you the most?
  • Innovate: Five Steps to Get Better Results with Reduced Resources
  • Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Managing Time for Success
  • How to Deliver Superior Presentations because Inferior Never Wins
  • Guide, Energize and Excite Your Employees
  • Dynamic Communications

Ready to register? Click now.

Yours in the interest of Success

APICS Grand Valley Chapter

PS: Invest a half day or full day in your success. You’re worth it, aren’t you?

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