Friday, December 14, 2012

Collection agency harassed debt-free Canadians

Hundreds of complaints filed across country against iQor Canada

Employees of one of Canada's largest debt collection agencies, iQor Canada, have routinely and sometimes knowingly contacted people who did not owe debt, a practice for which the company has been fined several times this year, a CBC News investigation has found.

Hundreds of complaints have been filed over the past few years about iQor Canada to provincial consumer affairs agencies, the federal telecommunications regulator CRTC, and the RCMP Anti-Fraud Squad, many stemming from repeated phone calls to people who don't owe any money.

Former employees told CBC News about calling non-debtors — including relatives of debtors and unrelated people with a similar last name to a debtor.

"We would just keep calling them and calling them and calling them,” a former employee told CBC News.
The insider, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that in some cases the debt collection agency only had the last name of a debtor and would call everyone with the same last name in the general geographical vicinity.

“[The company] just pays us to call them and we call them and we don’t bother with if it’s honest or not," said the former iQor worker.

The former employee said he believed some people even paid for debts they never owed.

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