Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ownership Thinking – What is it?

There’s no question that a business owner thinks and acts differently than the employees. Imagine a company where the employees think and act more like owners. That business would probably be more profitable.

Can the business owner persuade employees to act like owners – even if they don’t own shares in the company? Can staff overcome the drug of "Entitlement Thinking"?

It almost sounds like a perverted sense of communism for small business owners. Is it simply a new management trick to get more out of staff? Is it a real attempt at partnership? Could it work? Apparently it is.

Ownership Thinking featured on Business in Motion 
Brad Hams is the founder and CEO of Ownership Thinking, a consulting firm that has helped over 1,000 companies to engage their employees in the success of the business.

Hams wrote the book,

“Ownership Thinking : How to End Entitlement and

Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose and Profit”

Alan Bottomley talks about Ownership Thinking on Business in Motion
Alan Bottomley, a retired CA, (charatered accountant) was fascinated with the concept and the program. He signed on to become a lead Canadian facilitator for Ownership Thinking. He's now preaching the gospel of Ownership Thinking to colleagues and business owners.

Alan is my guest on Business in Motion this week. Listen to the live interview Friday Feb 8 at 12 noon Eastern time. In the Hamilton, Ontario area you can listen to 93.3 FM. You can also listen to the web broadcast on 93.3 CFMU 

I'll learn a lot more about Ownership Thinking this Friday on Business in Motion. You're invited to listen in.

Post your comments or questions about this challenging concept.

Who else is talking about Ownership Thinking?

Here's the main website  http://www.ownershipthinking.com/

 Rick Spense reviewed the concept in the Financial Post with this article, How to Get Your Employees Thinking Like Owners.

Chloe Thompson writes on Associations Now, Think Like the Boss

Craig Lund posts his book review on his Marketing Staffing blog, Ownership Thinking Why Employees Need to Think Like Owners

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