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MBA Games 2008 McMaster University

MBA Games 2008 McMaster University
Students who earn an accredited MBA online sometimes miss out on the activities associated with a traditional school. The MBA Games is an annual competition of MBA students from university based business schools in Canada. The MBA Games was started by Queens University in Kingston, Ontario about 20 years ago. Hence the grand prize is called “The Queen’s Cup”.

The 2008 MBA Games will be hosted by The DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, in Hamilton Ontario on January 3 through 5. Up to 500 MBA competitors from businesses schools across Canada are expected to compete in the 2008 MBA Games.

Over these three days in January 2008 the MBA students who represent the future for Canadian business will compete in three areas: academic, athletic and spirit.

I find it both curious and encouraging that MBA students are encouraged to compete in these three areas. Academic is a no-brainer – you expect that of a university business school. Athletic – I am pleased to see that, because a healthy business leader is a better business leader. As a marathon runner I know how important it is for my clarity to run and think. I was amused to find “dodge ball” listed as one of the athletic events. But I give them points for creative acceptance.

Spirit – now that is interesting. I know that spirit is a huge part of success and happiness. For example, Terry Fox could easily be Canada’s icon of spirit. But how does a MBA business school measure spirit? You know that academic institutions are big on measuring things. Spirit is important. I am a big believer in the power of your spirit and gut feeling. Read my blog on motivation. I just wonder how they will measure it.

Personal Note
As a McMaster University graduate I am pleased to be a judge for the Marketing Case of the academic competition. I look forward to learning from these bright young MBA minds. I was so pleased to participate that I am donating my book, “Secrets of Power Marketing”, to all of the participants in the Marketing Case competition.

In addition I will speak to the MBA Games participants during the closing reception on Saturday evening. They will be both tired and eager to move on so it will be a short presentation titled, “Secrets of Success”. This will be a condensed version of the presentation that I recently delivered to entrepreneurs at the SOHO conference in Vancouver, BC. For those who are taking notes, they will hear some critical principles of success.

Let the games begin.

George Torok

Marketing Expert & Author

Motivational Speaker

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